22. Juli 2022 - 4. September 2022

GOIN PɇaceMaker

Every life form is bred by its own survival. To survive physically and mentally is resistance by itself.Ttha’s where human society can bei tricky. Why not believe then, that if you’re not keeping the struggle burning inside – you’re dead.

Resignation has never been and will never be an option.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been going against the grain. I was a tough but a smart kid and counter culture has always attracted me! Growing up, art became an obvious medium to scream to the world „wake the fuck up“!

“ Art ist anal“

This formula reminds me that nothing is sacred in life, above all: ART!

Let’s not take things too seriously, because at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is love.

This is not a show; this is my manifesto for resistance, rebellion and rejection against the establishment to open consciousness.

I am not an engaged artist, but enraged; a „Mind Shaker“ serving a higher cause. There’s too much to paint about injustice, violence, lies that are happening in our crazy world, so why paint natures mortes or land-scapes? I see art as an act of resistance.

I am using my ideas, may stencils and may spray cans as peaceful but powerful weapons to bring the truth back to the street.

So now, please, do not relax, and up and take part in the show!




Goin swims against the May stream as a worthy representative of punk rock and anarchy. Like many of his fellow urban artists, he prefers anonymity. What is important are the messages in the public space and not the notoriety of the person who creates the works. Focused on a ceaseless stream of politically and socially engaged ideas, Goin is the beginning of the explosive charge of a new humanist activism. Emancipation, liberation, rebellion as well as the desire to end the endless cycles of corruption of the powerful are deeply embedded in his work. They find expression in a powerful aesthetic, a dark sense of humour and sarcasm, and an unprecedented power that bursts from their pieces. It interweaves concept, critique and knowledge in a constantly shifting tide of insight and metaphor. Subversion is expressed in the spectrum of stencils, paintings and sculptures, sneaking through vandalism kits, blood-filled spray cans, ready-made Molotov cocktails and thoughtfully ripping apart illusion. In striking compression of the messages, the Frenchman succeeds in articulating the state of mind and the justified doubts of an entire generation in a way worthy of images. With his works, he looks at a time in which inequality, violence, war, environmental destruction and corruption are gaining more and more ground worldwide. His shows are meant to open awareness and question. „I’m not a dedicated artist, I’m angry; a „MindShaker“, says Goin. „There’s too much to paint about injustice, violence, lies happening in our crazy world, so why paint nature, the mortal landscapes? I see art as an act of resistance and use my ideas, my stencils and my spray cans as peaceful but powerful weapons to bring truth back to the streets…“


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Opening: July 22nd 2022 6 p.m. Admission free

  • 22. Juli 2022 - 4. September 2022


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